Our Allergens

Allergy diagnostics and allergy specific immunotherapy (ASIT) require standardized, well characterized allergens. We supply the allergy diagnostics and ASIT industry with high-quality allergen source materials.


Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier. Our supply of allergen source materials make allergy diagnostics and allergy immunotherapy possible.

We manufacture approximately 200 different types of allergen source material yearly. The majority of our manufacturing processes takes place at our headquarter, and centre of expertise, in Sweden. The final processing and quality control are always performed on-site. The manufacturing adheres to the current regulatory framework for manufacturing of allergen source materials, and our site is audited by the Swedish Medical Products Agency, Thermo Fisher Scientific internal audit teams as well as by our customers on a regular basis. In addition, we are certified according to the ISO9001:2015 standard.


Nature is unpredictable. Allergen characteristics differ from year to year. Our model sets out to standardize the characteristics of each allergen, to be able to offer our customers a product as consistent as possible every year.

About allergens

Allergy is caused by naturally occurring specific allergenic proteins (allergens) from sources such as pollens, mites, moulds, animals, foods and insect venoms. The allergic reaction is mediated by specific IgE antibodies that are specific to the causative allergen(s).

Allergy diagnostics are a fundamental part of diagnosing allergy. These tests are used as an aid in the diagnosis to confirm the causative allergen source for the patient and can be either in-vitro blood tests or in-vivo skin-prick tests. In-vitro tests make use of the binding of specific IgE antibodies found in the blood of allergic patients to allergens in an extract of the suspected source. The in-vivo tests aim to trigger a local reaction in the skin of the patients when applying an extract of the suspected allergen source. Allergy specific immunotherapy (ASIT) aims to introduce a shift in the immunological mechanisms causing the allergic reaction. The principle of ASIT is to introduce the causative allergen to the immune system in a controlled manner, thereby shifting the response to a more non-pathogenic state.