July: Lolium perenne is collected in the area around the Allergon site


Lolium perenne is native to Europe but has been introduced on all continents with temperate zones, and many islands. It was the first meadow grass cultivated in Europe, and is considered the most important forage grass there. It is a short-lived perennial, biennial or annual bunchgrass growing to as much as 1.5 m tall at a fast rate, and with a deeply fibrous root system.

Lolium perenne blooms in June – July and is collected in the area and land around the Allergon site. It is important to know that the seeds are sown in August the year before harvest.

Lolium perenne

Scientific name: Lolium perenne (Syn. Lolium boucheanum)

Common name: Perennial rye grass

Family: Poaceae