The scientific community’s need for pure, single species pollen for allergy research purposes triggered the founding of our company in 1963.

Since then we have evolved and continuously added capabilities of producing the variety of allergen source materials, including moulds, mites, epithelia and food demanded by the market, becoming a preferred supplier of allergens to the allergy immunotherapy and allergy diagnostics field.

As part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, leveraging our deep knowledge of sourcing and production of allergen source materials, we aspire to be your partner and source of trust.


We bring value to our customers by leveraging our stability as a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, and using our wide resources to supply a variety of well characterized allergens through forming engaged customer partnership.

Quick Facts

  • Produce allergen source materials used for allergy diagnostics and allergy immunotherapy
  • Founded in 1963
  • Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (NYSE: TMO) since 2012
  • Allergen source material used in ImmunoCAP™ is produced by us.
  • 50 employees
  • Worldwide reach
  • Produce 200 kinds of allergen source material per year
  • Certified by ISO9001:2015 standard